St Devenick's


An invitation:

If you would like someone to pray with, or want to ask someone to pray for you or a situation please talk to us. Just call 01224 863 574 or text 07926 269 648 or email
or at any time and if you wish, someone will contact you. Your request will be passed to our prayer chain team, which is a network of people who have committed themselves to pray for situations as they arise.

The whole life of St Devenick’s is upheld by prayer. As a Church, we care about people and one way we express that care is through prayer. As Christians we believe that the guidance and will of God for our lives can be better known through prayer. A range of opportunities exists for prayer at St Devenick’s:

Prayer Ministry: After the 10:30 Sunday morning service, there is always an opportunity to have individual prayer time with someone.

Prayer Half Hour: Friday mornings (8.45am – 9:15am) in the Rectory. Each time a different aspect of the ongoing work of the Church is highlighted alongside time to focus
on current concerns and situations.

Join one of our Housegroups: Our Housegroups spend time in prayer when they meet.