Weddings, baptisms and funerals


Weddings are a time of celebration and commitment.  The Rector will meet with you a couple of times to discuss the wedding and explore the Bible’s views on what makes for a healthy and happy marriage.  The church has a warm and bright interior and is well-situated for wedding receptions at nearby hotels. There is a small fee for using the church premises if you are not a member of the congregation.  An organist can be provided or you can arrange your own.


A new baby is a cause of great joy and parents may wish to bring their baby for Christening.  The Rector will meet with you and explain the church’s understanding of baptism and the promises to be made by the parents and godparents. It would be helpful if you attended the church for a couple of services beforehand so we, as a church family, could welcome you and you would be more familiar with the church your baby was being baptised into.

Baptism is not just for babies.  Jesus was baptised as an adult, and we also offer baptism to adults, as well as to people of any age.


This is a very sad time in the life of any family.  The Rector will help you plan the service and offer full pastoral support before and after the funeral.  The service can be held at the church and then at Aberdeen Crematorium, a short ten minute car journey away.  Alternatively, the whole service can be held at the Crematorium.

Contact the church office on 01224 863574 or mail@stdevenick’